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Herbarium Forever Flower Bottle


We just LOVE to create these Herbarium flower bottles!

All the dried and preserved blooms and foliage are carefully chosen to create a gorgeous forever flower bottle.

Herbarium flower bottle is recommended for viewing indoor with lots of natural light.

We LOVE to see natural light coming thorough and featuring the blooms inside of the bottle.

And the best thing?  No maintenance*!  Just keep looking.

Presented in a hessian gift bag.

Please chose the one you love from B or C
(A, D&E  sold out )



1. Glass bottle:
2. Dried and preserved flowers
3. Specially formulated food grade mineral oil

height 22cm


  • The flash-point of mineral oil is higher than 180°C and is a flammable liquid so keep the Herbarium away from heat and sources of ignition.
  • This product is purely a Home Decor, do not drink and eat the materials inside.
  • Discoloration/fading will happen naturally, cause of fading is due to ultraviolet rays, so please be aware that fading will happen much faster in sunny places.
  • Please keep your bottle away from the direct sunlight to prolong the colours of the flowers.
  • Please understand that sometimes the slight movement of the materials or falling of the petal / leaves in the bottle happens but this is a natural occurring of using natural materials.
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